About Jurnal

The ABDIMAKES Journal accepts article submissions written in Indonesian and English (just for abstract). The Determination article which contained in the The ABDIMAKES Journal was carried out through a double blind review process by the editor of The ABDIMAKES Journal. Matters discussed in the selection article include: fulfillment of requirements obtained in scientific journals, research methods used, research results and articles on the development of health education. Authors must approve articles sent to The ABDIMAKES Journal, not sent or published in magazines or other scientific journals. The ABDIMAKES Journal has been published since 2021 with No p-ISSN : 2798-9429 while e-ISSN : 2807-1174 The editor is responsible for providing constructive analysis of the article to be published, and the editor needs to produce an article report to write recommended articles to be published in ABDIMAKES journals. The review process and acception could be seen at the submission author account.